NSTR (en) Nomenclatura uniforme de mercaderies per a les estadístiques de transport, revisada. NSTR agregada anglès Metodologia 

Organisme responsable
Àmbit d'aplicació
Referència normativa
Any d'entrada en vigor
Oficina Estadística de les Comunitats Europees
Unió Europea
Recomanació de la Comissió de les Comunitats Europees
TemaAgregat NSTR agregada anglès
01Cereals (including cereals used for animal feed)
Tema01Cereals (including cereals used for animal feed)
02Potatoes. Other fresh or frozen fruit and vegetable
Tema03Other fresh or frozen fruit and vegetable
03Live animals. Sugar beet
Tema00Live animals
Tema06Sugar beet
04Wood and cork
Tema05Wood and cork
05Wool, cotton, man-made fibres and other raw animal and vegetable material
Tema04Textile materials and man-made fibres
Tema09Other raw animal and vegetable material
06Foodstuffs and animal fodder
Tema13Stimulants and spices
Tema14Perishable foodstuffs
Tema16Other non-perishable foodstuffs and hops
Tema17Animal food and foodstuff waste
07Oil seeds and oleaginous fruit and fats
Tema18Oil seeds and oleaginous fruit and fats
08Solid mineral fuels
Tema22Lignite and peat
09Crude petroleum
Tema31Crude petroleum
10Petroleum derivatives
Tema32Fuel derivatives
Tema33Gaseous hydrocarbons, liquid or compressed
Tema34Non-fuel derivatives
11Iron ore. Iron and steel waste and blast furnace dust
Tema41Iron ore
Tema46Iron and steel waste and blast furnace dust
12Non-ferrous ore and waste
Tema45Non-ferrous ores and waste
13Metal products
Tema51Pig iron and crude steel; ferro-alloys
Tema52Semi-finished rolled steel products
Tema53Bars, sections, wire rod, railway and tramway track construction material of iron or steel
Tema54Steel sheets, plates, hoop and strip
Tema55Tubes, pipes, iron and steel castings and forgings
Tema56Non-ferrous metals
14Cement and lime. Other manufactured building materials
Tema64Cement, lime
Tema69Other manufactured building materials
15Crude and manufactured minerals
Tema61Sand, gravel, clay and slag
Tema62Salt, iron pyrites, sulphur
Tema63Other stone earths and minerals
Tema71Natural fertilizers
Tema72Chemical fertilizers
17Coal chemicals
Tema83Coal chemicals
18Basic chemicals. Aluminium oxide. Other chemical products
Tema81Basic chemicals
Tema82Aluminium oxide and hydroxide
Tema89Other chemical products
19Paper pulp and waste paper
Tema84Paper pulp and waste paper
20Transport equipment. Agricultural machinery. Other machinery, appliances and apparatus, enginees, parts thereof
Tema91Transport equipment
Tema92Tractors, agricultural machinery and equipment
Tema93Other machinery, apparatus and appliances, engines, parts thereof
21Manufactures of metal
Tema94Manufactures of metal
22Glass, glassware, ceramic products
Tema95Glass, glassware, ceramic products
23Leather, textiles and clothing. Other manufactured articles
Tema96Leather, textiles and clothing
Tema97Other manufactured articles
24Miscellaneous articles
Tema99Miscellaneous articles

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