El compte satèl·lit de l'aigua a Catalunya. 2005 

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Area: Economic statistics
Title: El compte satèl·lit de l'aigua a Catalunya. 2005
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This publication presents the methodology and results of the satellite account of water in Catalonia 2005, the result of a collaboration between the Department of Territory and Sustainability, the University of Barcelona and Idescat. This satellite account is based on the results of the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2005 and the methodology developed by Eurostat with respect to water accounts, by means of which the information on the uses of this resource can be integrated with the national accounts system. This satellite account improves knowledge of the relationships between the economy and water in Catalonia and offers data on the allocations of uses and on pollutants released by branches of production.

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For further information please see Catalan Satellite Accounts.

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