Núm. 16 La població resident en establiments col·lectius 2011. 

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Area: Dossiers Idescat
Title: Núm. 16 La població resident en establiments col·lectius 2011.
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The information on the population residing in group establishments is taken from the Group Establishments Survey, which forms part of the set of operations constituting the Population and Housing Census 2011.

The study population for the Group Establishments Survey is all group establishments in the whole of the Catalan territory that have at least one resident on the census reference date, November 1, 2011. This survey is used to determine the number and types of group establishments on that reference date. It also reports on the basic demographic characteristics of the people living in them, such as sex, age, marital status, place of birth, nationality, residence one year previously, level of education and relation with activity.

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