Núm. 0 Condicions de vida i hàbits de la població catalana. 

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Area: Dossiers Idescat
Title: Núm. 0 Condicions de vida i hàbits de la població catalana.
ISSN: 2013-3898 ISBN: Pg.: 8 Ed.: July 2008 Price: 0,00 €

This dossier presents the most relevant data contained in the Survey on Living Conditions and Habits of the Population 2006. The main aim driving the survey is to obtain data and elements for analysis on the conditions and quality of life of the population, as well as on their social habits. It was first begun in 1985 in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Its territorial scope has been progressively extended; in the 2006 edition, it covered the whole of Catalonia and has finally been incorporated into official statistics.

This survey was developed jointly by the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona and Idescat, with the collaboration of the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Association of Municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

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