Núm. 6 Els hàbits ambientals dels catalans (2008). 

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Area: Dossiers Idescat
Title: Núm. 6 Els hàbits ambientals dels catalans (2008).
ISSN: 2013-3898 ISBN: Pg.: 8 Ed.: December 2010 Price: 0,00 €

This dossier presents the results of the Social Survey 2008: Households and Environment, which studies the habits, consumption patterns and attitude of households and people with regard to the environment. The subjects covered by the study are water, energy, waste, household sound and smell-related issues, household appliances and how they are used by its members, as well as people's consumption and mobility patterns.

The survey was conducted in collaboration with the INE and other regional statistical institutes: the Statistical Institute of Andalusia, Eustat and the Galician Statistical Institute. Each of these institutions was in charge of gathering information in their own territorial scope, but all of them applied the same methodological criteria. Thus, data concerning Catalonia is comparable to data published by other institutions within their respective scope.

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