Núm. 18 Projeccions de la població a Catalunya 2013-2051. 

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Area: Dossiers Idescat
Title: Núm. 18 Projeccions de la població a Catalunya 2013-2051.
ISSN: 2013-3898 ISBN: Pg.: 8 Ed.: February 2015 Price: 0,00 €

This dossier presents the main trends of the population of Catalonia in the short, medium and long term. It analyses the evolution of the school-age population, the economically active population and the elderly, as well as trends in the population's fertility and ageing. Finally, the dossier offers population evolution forecasting by territory.

The Population projections 2013–2051 offer 3 scenarios (lower, medium and higher), which show the population trends in Catalonia up to 2051. Results are also presented by counties, for the municipality of Barcelona, by regions of the Territorial Plan and by provinces up to 2026. The medium scenario is considered the most plausible according to past and current demographic dynamics, and is considered the reference scenario.

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