Núm. 1 Enquesta demogràfica 2007. Informe metodològic. 

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Area: Quaderns d'estadística
Title: Núm. 1 Enquesta demogràfica 2007. Informe metodològic.
ISSN: 2013-3847 ISBN: 978-84-393-7984-3 Pg.: 192 Ed.: May 2009 Price: 0,00 €

This publication covers the summarised results and methodological aspects of the Demographic Survey 2007.

This new statistical source has two main objectives: on the one hand, to update the main structural demographic variables in terms of the population, households and families, and housing; on the other hand, it aims to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the causes and consequences of current demographic changes by means of studying the factors driving migration, generational fertility, the constitution of descendants, the forming and breaking up of couples, the emancipation of minors, the emergence of new family types and the population's participation in unpaid domestic labour.

The publication contains detailed information on the fieldwork carried out and on the entire methodology.

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