Anuari estadístic de Catalunya. 1992-2008 

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Area: Synthesis statistics
Title: Anuari estadístic de Catalunya. 1992-2008
ISBN: Ed.: December 2008 Price: 21,00 €
Notes: CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains a compilation greater than seven thousand statistical tables corresponding to the yearbooks published in recent years. The document is organised into 20 thematic chapters. The table of contents, the graphic and descriptive section as well as the yearbooks prior to 2000 are all in pdf format. The tables corresponding to the years after 2000 are available in spreadsheets in order to make it easier for users to process and extract the data.

In 2006, 2007 and 2008 this CD-ROM has been distributed along with the book entitled Anuari estadístic de Catalunya.

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