Cens d'habitatges 1991 

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Area: Social statistics
Title (complete work): Cens d'habitatges 1991
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Vol. 1. Municipal data

Results of the 1991 Dwellings Census, distributed by municipalities, counties and provinces. The two tables presented refer first to the number of households, family dwellings according to type, collective establishments and accommodations, and secondly to the evolution of family dwellings in the period 1981–1991. These statistics have been generated through a co-operation agreement between Idescat and INE.

Vol. 2. Basic characteristics of primary dwellings

Statistical data on primary dwellings distributed by municipalities, counties, areas within the Territorial Plan and provinces, according to the following characteristics: number of dwellings in the building, year of construction, system of tenancy, useful area, number of rooms and facilities and services, both in absolute numbers and in percentage distributions. This information comes from the 1991 Dwellings Census, and the statistics have been generated through a co-operation agreement between Idescat and INE.

Vol. 3. Basic characteristics of non primary dwellings

Statistical data corresponding to non-main, secondary, vacant and other homes, distributed by municipalities, counties areas of the Territorial plan and provinces and which relates every category to the number of homes in the building, the year of construction, the type of ownership, the useful surface area, the number of rooms and installations and the services. This information was taken from the Census of households 1991 and was carried out by means of a collaboration agreement between Idescat and the INE.

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