Classificació catalana d'educació 2000 (CCED-2000)
Adaptació de la CNED-2000 

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Area: Instrumental statistics
Title: Classificació catalana d'educació 2000 (CCED-2000)
Adaptació de la CNED-2000
ISBN: 84-393-5761-3 Pg.: 140 Ed.: June 2002 Price: 10,00 €

The publication of the CCED-2000 is organised into six parts. The first part includes a summarised description of the national and international framework, as well as the scope of the Catalan classification. The next three parts present the structure of the CCED-2000 according to programmes by educational levels, sectors of study and levels of training. Each of the three perspectives of the CCED-2000 includes specific characteristics, explanatory notes on the content of the most disaggregated categories and a subject index aimed at making inquiries easier. The fifth part provides the correspondences between the CCED-200, the CNED-2000 and the CINE-97. The sixth part contains the annexes, including the decree approving the 2000 Catalan Classification of Education and the terminological criteria and bibliographic materials used.

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