Enquesta d'usos lingüístics de la població. 2013 

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Area: Social statistics
Title: Enquesta d'usos lingüístics de la població. 2013
ISSN: 2014-2307 ISBN: Pg.: 265 Ed.: March 2015 Price: 0,00 €

The Survey on language uses of the population 2013 offers an estimation of language use in interpersonal relation in the Catalonian population aged 15 years an above, in different areas of use.

Data is included on:

  • First language, language of identification and habitual language
  • Use of languages and areas of use
  • Use of languages with family members
  • Use of languages in the media
  • Attitudes in relation to language use
  • Opinions about the use of catalan
  • Knowledge of other languages

To extend the information, please visit the Survey on Language Uses of the Population.

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