Estimacions de població. Dades intercensals. 1986-2001 

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Area: Demographic statistics
Title: Estimacions de població. Dades intercensals. 1986-2001
ISBN: 84-393-6766-X Pg.: 280 Ed.: May 2005 Price: 13,00 €

This publication contains the estimated population by sex and age for Catalonia as a whole, areas within the Territorial Plan, provinces, counties and municipalities with 45,000 inhabitants or more, as of 31st December and 1st July, for every year between 1986 and 2001. These statistics have been generated based on the registered migratory movements (birth, deaths and migrations) and the demographic information from the four consecutive census operations: the 1986 renewal of the municipal census, the 1991 Population Census, the 1996 population statistics and the 2001 Population Census.

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