Projeccions de població. 2013-2051
Principals resultats 

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Area: Demographic statistics
Title: Projeccions de població. 2013-2051
Principals resultats
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This publication contains the main results from the population projections for 2013–2051. It includes an executive summary and a general description of the projections. Population figures for 2018, 2026 and 2051 are analysed, and the evolution of growth components is offered (births, deaths and migration).

The population projections 2013–2051 consist of 3 scenarios: low, medium and high. The medium scenario reflects what is considered the most probable pattern for the demographic growth and structure of Catalonia. The high and low scenarios offer the possibility of evaluating the highest and lowest populations that Catalonia could expect in the future.

For further information on the population projections, please consult Population projections.

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