Enquesta de consum i pràctiques culturals. 2006 

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Area: Social statistics
Title: Enquesta de consum i pràctiques culturals. 2006
ISSN: 1888-2714 ISBN: Pg.: 328 Ed.: October 2007 Price: 20,00 €

This publication presents the basic results of the 2006 Survey on Consumption and Cultural Habits, the primary goal of which is to yield estimates of the effective demand for cultural and entertainment products in Catalonia.

The bodies in charge of conducting the 2006 Survey on Consumption and Cultural Habits are the Department of Culture and the Media and Idescat.

The information published in this book is classified into the following chapters:

  • Reading books
  • Reading newspapers
  • Reading magazines
  • Going to libraries, archives, museums, exhibitions and monuments
  • Listening to music and attending concerts
  • Going to the cinema
  • Going to the theatre
  • Attending dance performances and circuses
  • Practice of other cultural activities
  • Watching television and listening to the radio
  • Using information and communication technologies
  • Cultural equipment at home
  • Availability of free time
  • Free-time activities
  • Membership in organisations/clubs
  • Cultural information and socialisation
  • Historical series 2001-2006

For further information, you may check the Survey on cultural consumption and practices in Catalonia.

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