Memòria. 2011 

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Area: Institutional communication
Title: Memòria. 2011
ISSN: 2013-5521 ISBN: Pg.: 79 Ed.: July 2012 Price: 0,00 €

The Memòria Idescat 2011 provides detailed information on Idescat's activity over the year.

There is a first part that contains the actions aimed at the planning and coordination of the catalan statistical system (SEC); specifically it presents the execution of the Annual programme of statistical activities (PAAE) 2011, with a total of 319 actions forming part of the SEC, of which 33% (104 actions) were undertaken by Idescat.

The following are the sections corresponding to the Institute's own statistical production, as well as its instrumental activities.

Also presented are the tasks performed by Idescat's statistical dissemination services and technical and projection services. In 2011, the Idescat website received more than a million visits for the first time.

The final section presents Idescat's resources and organisation.

From 2012, information from the Idescat annual report is available on the Annual report section.

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