Classificació catalana d'activitats econòmiques 2009
Adaptació de la CNAE-2009 

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Area: Instrumental statistics
Title: Classificació catalana d'activitats econòmiques 2009
Adaptació de la CNAE-2009
ISBN: 978-84-393-7906-5 Pg.: 400 Ed.: March 2009 Price: 4,00 €

The publication of the CCAE-2009 contains an introduction and four parts. The first part summarises the historical and conceptual framework in which economic classifications are developed for statistical purposes, as well as an explanation of the harmonisation of the main classifications of economic activities. The second part outlines the characteristics of the CCAE-2009, as well as the main changes in the content of the CCAE-2009. The third part presents the complete structure of the CCAE-2009, the notes explaining the most broken-down categories, the abbreviated version of the classification down to two digits, and the correspondences with the previous CCAE-93 Rev.1and the NACE Rev.2. The fourth part includes the appendixes, which include the decree approving the CCAE-2009, the criteria for implementing the CCAE-2009 and the terminological criteria and bibliographic materials used.

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