Births and deaths 


Crude birth rate
Live births outside marriage
Children per woman
Mean age of women at childbirth
Crude mortality rate

Crude infant mortality rate
Standardised mortality rate by age. By sex
Natural population change

IndicatorCrude birth rate. 2016    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
Per 1,000 inhabitants  9.2 (p)  8.7 (p)  9.6 (bep)  10.0 (bep)
(p) Provisional.
IndicatorLive births outside marriage. 2016    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
% over total number of live births  44.9 (p)  :  :  :
(p) Provisional.
IndicatorChildren per woman. 2016    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
Children per woman  1.39 (p)  :  :  :
(p) Provisional.
IndicatorMean age of women at childbirth. 2016    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
Years  32.0 (p)  :  :  :
(p) Provisional.
IndicatorCrude mortality rate. 2015    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
Per 1,000 inhabitants  8.7  9.1  10.1 (bep)  10.2 (bep)
IndicatorCrude infant mortality rate. 2015    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
Deaths of infants under 1 year per 1,000 live births  2.4  2.7  3.3  3.6
IndicatorStandardised mortality rate by age. By sex. 2013    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
Deaths per 100 000 inhabitants  844.8  848.3  :  1,020.9
IndicatorNatural population change. 2015    Catalonia     Spain     Eurozone     European Union 
Rate per 1,000 inhabitants  0.8  0.0  -0.4 (bep)  -0.2 (bep)
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