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The Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Base 2010. Supply. Advance indicator provides an initial estimate of the annual variation of the GDP. It is the result of aggregating GDP values of all four quarters of the reference year. This estimate will later be replaced with the results provided by the Annual economic accounts for Catalonia.

Said information will only be available between February 2018 and March 2018, when the annual evolution of the GDP is published in connection with the Annual economic accounts for Catalonia.

Detailed publication dates will be included in the release calendar for 2018.

Other related indicators T=Table

Chapter Macromagnitudes
 Gross Domestic Product (Base 2010). Supply T
 Gross Domestic Product (Base 2010). Demand T
 Gross domestic product (Base 2010). Income T
 Gross Domestic Product (Base 2010). Supply. Advance T
 Gross Domestic Product (Base 2010). Per inhabitant in purchasing power parity (PPP) T
 Harmonised gross domestic product (PIBH). Base 2010. In purchasing power parity per inhabitant (PPP) T
 Jobs. Total and Salaried workers (Base 2010) T
 Full time equivalent jobs. Total and Salaried workers (Base 2010) T
 Gross Disposable Household Income. Current prices (Base 2010) T
 Total Factor Productivity (TFP). By components T

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