Internet. Regular users within the last 3 months. By sex. 2017M 

        Men        Women        Total
Catalonia   82   8182
Spain   :   ::
Eurozone   :   ::
European Union   :   ::
Units: % of people between the ages of 16 and 74.

Source Catalonia: Idescat. Source Spain, eurozone and European Union: Eurostat.

: Not available.

Geographical area: The euro zone includes the countries that formed part of it in each period: 2000 (11 countries), 2001-2006 (12), 2007 (13), 2008 (15), 2009-2010 (16), 2011-2013 (17), 2014 (18), since 2015 (19).

Note: In Spain and Catalonia, from 2013 onwards, the reference population is drawn from the Population Census 2011. Data for previous years are pending review.

Date published:

Last period (2017): November 29, 2017.

Further information at:

 Science and technology. Eurostat.

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