Crude birth rate. 2016M 

           2014           2015           2016
Catalonia   9.6          9.5       9.2   (p)
Spain   9.2          9.0       8.7   (p)
Eurozone   9.8 (bep)   9.7 (bep)9.6 (bep)
European Union   10.1 (bep)   10.0 (bep)10.0 (bep)
Units: Per 1,000 inhabitants.

Source Catalonia: Idescat; INE. Source Spain, eurozone and European Union: Eurostat.

(p) Provisional.
(b) Rupture in the series.
(e) Estimated value.

Date published:

Last period (2016): September 28, 2017.

Further information at:

 Fertility indicators. Annual indicators. Idescat.
 Population and social condition. Eurostat.

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