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Catalonia. 2014
        Amount        %        per inhabitant
Effective contributions of the employers   16,426,445   40.152,220
Assigned contributions of the employers   2,618,705   6.40354
Contributions of the protected persons   5,775,914   14.12781
Contribution autonomous administration   10,873,441   26.581,469
Contribution central administration   4,045,103   9.89547
Contribution other administration   440,604   1.0860
Other current income   706,712   1.7396
Total   40,914,596   1005,529
Units: Thousands of euros.

Source: Idescat. Social protection accounts.

Spain. 2014
        Amount        %        per inhabitant
Effective contributions of the employers   86,605,044   34.191,864
Assigned contributions of the employers   16,487,705   6.51355
Contributions of the protected persons   32,212,706   12.72693
Contribution central administration   38,490,869   15.19829
Contribution other administration   72,892,457   28.771,569
Other current income   6,646,681   2.62143
Total   253,335,461   1005,453
Units: Thousands of euros.

Source: Ministry of Employment and Social Security; INE.

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Last period (2014): December 22, 2016.

Further information at:

 Els comptes de la protecció social. Idescat.

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