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Catalonia. 2016
        Value        Variation (%)
Average annual expenditure  
Per household   30,446..
Per person   12,309..
By consumption unit   18,297..
Total expenditure (millions of euros)   90,344.1..
Units: Euros.

Source: Idescat. Statistics on Household Consumer Expeditures, base 2016.

Spain. 2016
        Value        Variation (%)
Average annual expenditure  
Per household   28,200..
Per person   11,312..
By consumption unit   16,803..
Total expenditure (millions of euros)   520,119.2..
Units: Euros.

Source: INE. Survey of Family Budgets.

Date published:

Last period (2016): September 29, 2017.

Further information at:

 Statistics on Household Consumer Expenditures. Idescat.
 Household Budget Survey. INE.

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