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The Library Statistics compile data on all public and private libraries, regardless of ownership, excepting private libraries whose use is not permitted to the public, even under special conditions. School libraries, according to the definition of the operation, are not included.

Libraries may have one or more service points defined as separate locations where library services are provided.

The Library Statistics are carried out biennially and adhere to the international standards of UNESCO. Beginning in 2002, it has been adjusted for the ISO 2789 standard.

In 2002, the type of libraries was redefined, so there is a new category corresponding to libraries for specific user groups.

The Catalan Institute of Statistics issued the first Library Statistics in 1992. The data from previous years has problems of thoroughness.


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Further information at:

  • Estadística de biblioteques. Idescat.
  • Estadística de biblioteques. Característiques bàsiques. Biennal. Idescat
  • Estadística de bibliotecas. INE
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  • Idescat.
  • INE.
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