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Migratory movements

Migratory movements refers to the displacement of a person brought about by a change in residence, as well as the characteristics of this migration. The information contained only includes inter-municipal changes in residence; thus, changes in residence within the same municipality are excluded.

These statistics come from the information contained in the gazettes on changes in residence which all persons changing residence must respond to, and they are generated via a cooperation agreement with the INE.

This information can be downloaded in pdf format and is compiled in the book entitled Moviments migratoris. Dades comarcals i municipals published by Idescat each year. The same information is also published in the Bank of Statistics on Municipalities and Counties, broken down by the migrants’ municipalities, counties and provinces according to their origin or destination, and in the section Demographics and Quality of Life where the data for Catalonia are compared with those for Spain.

PDF documents

Bank of Statistics on Municipalities and Counties. Population statistics. Population flows

Demographics and Quality of Life


Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia

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