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Population on 1 January. By sex

Population on 1 January. By sex Catalonia. 2019 (p)
Value Variation (%)
Total 7,600,267 0.7
Men 3,721,073 0.7
Women 3,879,194 0.8
Units: Number of persons.
Source: Idescat. Population Estimates.
(p) Provisional data.
Population on 1 January. By sex Spain. 2019 (p)
Value Variation (%)
Total 46,934,632 0.6
Men 23,007,862 0.6
Women 23,926,770 0.6
Units: Number of persons.
Source: INE. Population figures.
(p) Provisional data.

Date published: May 2, 2019. Revised series on June 25, 2019.

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Methodological note

The source of the data on figures and structure of Catalonia's population by age and sex is the Population Estimates as 1 January, produced by Idescat. The Population Estimates are a census-based source whose aim is to provide a homogeneous time series starting from 1981 on the annual evolution of Catalonia's population and its distribution by sex and age.

During the 1981–2011 period, the Intercensal Population Estimates were utilised. Since 2012, and until a new census is taken, the Postcensal Population Estimates have been used.