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Sports facilities

Sports facilities Catalonia. 2018
Value Variation (%)
Conventional facilities 40,106 0.0
Singular facilities 9,337 0.0
Total 49,443 0.0
Source: Consell Català de l'Esport.

Date published: January 9, 2019.

Statistics EESP

Methodological note

The Law of Sports of Catalonia states that municipalities are responsible for keeping an updated inventory consisting of the name and characteristics of the sports facilities existing within their confines.

As a result, a series of concepts must be considered:

  • Sports Venues are places adapted for the pursuit of any given type of physical or sports activities.
  • Sports Facilities are sports-oriented spaces built expressly for doing sport.
  • Sports Activity Area is used for areas whose environment or facilities which are not specifically sports-related are used for doing sport.
  • Conventional Sports Venue refers to a well-defined model having specific dimensions.
  • Unique Sports Venue refers to a configuration that largely depends on the shape of the terrain or the design of the sports venue itself.

Since 2017, the CEEC (Sports Facilities Census in Catalonia) has included private residential and tourist installations (neighbourhood communities, hotels, campsites, rural houses, etc.). In parallel to the increase in the number of outdoor pools, many tennis courts and, to a lesser extent, sports courts were added to the CEEC in 2017. The above are the three chief kinds of sports facilities located within residential and tourist installations.