Foreign Tourism (TUREST). August 2016


The number of foreign tourists arriving in Catalonia increased by 3.0% on the year–over–year data for August 2016. According to the country of habitual residence, among the majority countries of origin, Italy and Netherlands are the only countries that registered positive rates of variation (0.5% and 32.1%, respectively). The rest of countries, among the majority countries of origin, registered negative rates: France (−1.2%), United Kingdom (−1,0%) and Germany (−1.5%). On the other hand, according to the reason for the trip there was a marked increase of leisure and holiday (4.7%). As for the principal type of accommodation, market accommodation grew by 6.3%, as opposed to a decline of 13.6% in non-market accommodation.

The Statistics on Foreign Tourism in Catalonia provides monthly data on the number of foreign visitors (tourists and day-trippers) whose primary destination of their trip is Catalonia, according to the different routes of entry. It also provides information on the main characteristics of these trips (principal type of accommodation, reason of travel, method of organisation, mean of transport and country of habitual residence). The data reference period is considered the month in which the trip ends, regardless of its length.

Idescat makes a monthly treatment of the Survey of Tourist Movement on Borders from the INE.

Foreign Tourism

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