Statistics and Accounts of Tourism Companies (EMPTUR). 2014


In 2014, there were 100,058 tourism companies in Catalonia and the turnover of these companies was 27,470 million euros, according to the Statistics and Accounts of Tourism Companies. As for the use of ICT and e-commerce, 42.9% of tourism companies had an Internet connection, of which 42.7% had broadband connection. The proportion of tourism companies that conduct innovative activities was 18.1% in the 2014.

The main aim of this activity is to find out the most relevant magnitudes of tourism companies (market). Idescat produces the annual Statistics and Accounts of Tourism Companies, synthesised statistics that collect the most relevant indicators on the sector of tourism companies: economic results and accounts, number of companies and employment, expenditure on R&D and the use of ICT by companies. These Statistics are obtained from different sources of information: the Annual Economic Accounts of the Catalan Economy, the Annual Survey of Services, the Statistics About R&D Activities, the Survey on Innovation in Companies and the Survey on the Use of ICT and e-Commerce in Companies. Data is presented for the 2008-2012 period for the whole of Catalonia and disaggregated into 20 characteristic tourism activities.

This information complies with the Statistics and Accounts of Tourism Companies action included in the Annual Programme for Statistical Action 2014 (Decree 268/2013, of December 23).

Statistics and Accounts of Tourism Companies

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