Statistics on the information and communication technologies sector (ETIC). 2014


The turnover of companies in the ICT sector in Catalonia in 2014 was 14,650 million euros, 3.6% more than the year before. The gross value added stood at 5,373 million euros and 78,940 people worked in the sector. 51.0% of companies in this sector carried out technological innovation activities in 2014.

Idescat produces annually Statistics on the information and communication technologies sector for Catalonia (ICT), that contains a series of relevant indicators on the ICT goods and services sector. It offers relevant information on the situation of companies in this sector, it presents results for the economic activity, employees, realisation of innovative activities and expenditure on the same, internal expenditure on R&D and foreign trade involving companies in the ICT sector.

The so-called ICT sector is formed by manufacturing and service industries whose main activity is associated with the development, production, commercialization and intensive use of ICT. To determine the list of activities and products considered part of the ICT sector the methodology used by the OECD was employed.

The information on the ICT sector in this section uses the following sources: Industrial Companies Survey; Annual Services Survey; Statistics on R+D Activities; Survey on Innovation in Companies; Industrial Products Survey and Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and E-commerce in Companies. These operations are produced annually by the INE in collaboration with Idescat for Catalonia. The Foreign Trade Statistics, produced using data from the State Tax Administration Agency, is also a statistical source.

Statistics on the information and communication technologies sector (ETIC)

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