Social Protection Accounts (CPS). 2010-2014


Current expenditure on social protection in Catalonia totalled 42,417 million euros in 2014, a figure which represented yearly expenditure per resident totalling 5,732 euros, an 1% over the previous year, and which represented the 21.5% of the Catalan GDP.

These figures can mainly be explained by the increase of 344 million euros in expenditure on the sickness or healthcare function, the vegetative growth of more than 632 million euros in old-age pensions and the fall of 904 million euros in unemployment benefits.

By categories of expenditure, old age (including retirement pensions) generated the greatest expenditure in the social protection system (16,995 million euros) and accounted for 40.0% of total expenditure in 2014. This was followed by expenditure on illness and healthcare (24.6%) and unemployment benefit (11.1%). A smaller proportion went to other categories of expenditure: 9.3% went to survival, 7.4% to disability, 3.9% to family and children, 2.4% to social exclusion and 0.3% to housing.

In terms of current income assigned for social protection, it stood at 40,915 million euros in 2014, a figure 0.3% higher than that for the preceding year. 60.2% of the income assigned to social protection in Catalonia comes from social contributions, 37.6% from the contributions of the public administrations and 1.7% from other income.

The Social Protection Accounts are a description of the expenditure and finance of social protection, delimited and classified in accordance with the criteria of Eurostat's European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (Seepros), which were especially designed to facilitate international comparison.

Every year, Idescat produces the Social Protection Accounts of Catalonia through the systematic collection of information on the different institutions that participate in the Catalan social protection system and this information is analysed and transformed in accordance with the criteria established by the European Union's ESSPROS system. Data is published on expenditure on social protection by nature, function, type of benefit and management unit and data on income is published by origin, type of income and management unit in 2014 and the revised series for the 2010-2013 period.

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