Births, deaths and marriages Statistics. 2015. Definitive data


Idescat has published the definitive data of the Statistics for births, deaths and marriages for 2015. That year in Catalonia, 70,450 live births and 64,866 deaths were registered, resulting in a natural growth of 5,584 persons; in addition, 27,592 marriages were registered. Compared to 2014, births fell 1.6%, deaths increased by 5.8% and marriages increased by 2.9%.

The statistics for births, deaths and marriages are released according to demographic and social characteristics, such as sex, age, marital status, place of birth or nationality. The information is geographically disaggregated by municipality, county, regions in the Territorial Plan, provinces and Catalonia.

The territorial breakdown of the data is made according to place of residence: for births, it is the mother's municipality of residence; for deaths, the municipality of residence of the deceased; and for marriages, the municipality where the married couple establish their residence.

These three sets of statistics are derived from the statistical use of births, deaths and marriages in the Civil Registry. Until 2011, the data refers to the birth, death and marriage registrations made in Catalonia of people who reside there. From 2012 onwards, there is definitive data which also includes the births, deaths and marriages registered in other autonomous communities by people who reside in Catalonia.

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