Retail Commerce Indexes (ICD). December 2016


The General Index of Retail Commerce without service stations, at current prices, increased by 2.1% –on a year-over-year basis– in Catalonia in December 2016. By product type, food grew by 4.0% and the rest of products grew by 0.9%. In the latter type, the other goods group registered positive rate (3.5%), the personal equipment group remained stable (0,0%) and the household equipment group showed negative rates (−2.0%). In the same period the General Index of Retail Commerce with service stations, at current prices, it increased by 2.5% compared to a year ago.

The main objective of this index is to measure the short-term developments of companies of retail trade activity. The results are disaggregated into food products and other products. In the latter products are broken Household equipment, Personal equipment and Other goods. Idescat monthly draws the indexes of retail trade and all information is presented both in current prices and in constant prices by deflating the nominal series from data provided by INE.

Basic Data

Short-term economic indicators

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