Municipal Population Register (PMH). Statistical exploitation. 2016. Definitive data


In 2016, the registered population in Catalonia was 7,522,596 inhabitants. By place of birth, 4,880,987 inhabitants (64.9%) were born in Catalonia, 1,348,713 inhabitants (17.9%) in the rest of Spain, and 1,292,896 inhabitants (17.2%) abroad, according to statistics from the Municipal Population Register, on 1 January 2016.

By county, the highest percentages of the population born in Catalonia correspond to La Terra Alta (83.1%), Les Garrigues (82.0%), El Priorat (81.2%) El Moianès (80.7%) and El Berguedà (80.3%). On the other end of the scale, Aran (57.9%), El Barcelonès (58.1%), El Tarragonès (59.3%) and L'Alt Empordà (59.6%) had the lowest percentage of inhabitants born in Catalonia.

The highest percentages of the population born in the rest of Spain were of El Baix Llobregat (22.9%), El Tarragonès (21.9%), El Baix Penedès (20.8%) and Aran (20,7%), while La Terra Alta (5.6%) and Les Garrigues (6.4%) were the counties with the smallest proportion of native population of the rest of Spain.

With regard to the proportion of the population born abroad, the highest figures were recorded in L'Alt Empordà (26.9%) and La Segarra (24.1%), while the lowest figures corresponded to El Ripollès (8.9%), El Berguedà (9.1%) and El Moianès (9.5%).

Statistical treatment of the Municipal Population Register provides population data disaggregated according to basic variables: sex, age, place of birth and nationality. This information is available by provinces, areas within the territorial plan, counties and Aran, municipalities, districts and census sections. On the other hand, it provides information on the total population residing in Catalonia for the different population entities provided by the Statistical Nomenclature of Population Entities in Catalonia.

The source of this data is the Municipal Population Register on January 1, which is the administrative register that accounts for the residents of a municipality and constitutes proof of their residence in said municipality. Its formation, maintenance and management is the responsibility of each respective local council. The INE carries out the coordination and purification work of the municipal registers.

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