The Government approves the sample extension of the Survey on Living Conditions in Catalonia for the year 2017


The Government has approved to extend the collaboration agreement between INE and Idescat to extend the sample of the Survey on Living Conditions in Catalonia for the year 2017.

The Survey on Living Conditions measures the occurrence and composition of poverty by means of establishing a poverty risk threshold for obtaining indicators and it provides data on the hardships households experience, as well as on housing conditions. In addition, it provides information on personal income distribution based on annual net income.

The objective of the sample extension is to improve the reliability of the indicators drawn from the Survey on Living Conditions. It will also provide indicators for some territorial areas, such as the city of Barcelona and the Metropolitan area.

The Survey on Living Conditions follows Eurostat's recommendations and sits within the European Union Statistics project on Income and Living Conditions. It provides comparable data at national and European level, since it is a harmonized operation that is carried out in all the countries of the European Union.

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