Household projections. 2016-2036.Expansion of the results

Idescat publishes the extended results of the Household Projections 2016-2036 on the population resident in family dwellings. Data is provided by household size, sex, broad age groups, according to different evolution scenarios.

In the period 2016-2036, the number of people aged 80 and over living alone will increase by 54.9%. It is expected that by 2036 there will be 205,909 single-person households made up of people aged 80 and over, 78.4% of which will be made up of women.

By 2036, 29.8% of inhabitants will be part of a two-person household, 24.8% of a three-person household and 23.8% of a four-person household. 12.3% of the population will be concentrated in single-person households, and 9.3% of the total population will be concentrated in the largest households, those consisting of 5 or more people.

Household Projections consist of a statistical operation by Idescat which provides information on the future evolution of the number and the size of households (up to 5 people or more). Idescat's

Household Projections provide information according to 4 different evolution scenarios (low, average and high, and high population variable). The results are provided on 1 January of each year.

The time frame of the projection is the year 2036 for Catalonia and 2026 for the different levels of disaggregation in the territory (provinces, regions of the Territorial Plan, counties and the municipality of Barcelona). For each year and every one of the 4 scenarios, the total number of households, the households and the population according to the number of people (up to 5 or more) and the average size of the household are published.

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