Research and Development (R&D). 2015

The Gross domestic expenditure on R&D relative to the GDP was 1.52% in Catalonia in the year 2015, according to the Statistics on Research anb Development Activities.This figure, higher than 0.3 points from the previous year (1.49%), is explained by the increase registered in the higher education sector (3.4%) and the Bussinesses and PNP (2.5%).

The Statistics on Research and Development Activities carried out by the INE annually has the objective of measuring the economic and human resources destined for this activity. The Idescat broadens this information for Catalonia by disaggregating variables such as the R&D staff according to researchers, technicians and other support staff, expenditure on R & D as a current expenditure (remuneration and other current expenditures) and as capital expenditure, and the internal expenditure according to the origin of the funds.

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