Labour Cost Statistics. 2016

The total gross labour cost per worker was 32,328.1 euros in Catalonia for the year 2016, a figure that represents a decrease of 0.6% compared to 2015 according to the Annual Labour Cost Survey. By sectors, the gross labour cost decreased by 0.5% in services and by 0.4% in industry; while construction grew by 1.5%. By branchs of activity the gross labour cost decreased most in the wholesale trade and the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (−5.8%) and in information and communications (−5.1%). On the other hand, the highest year-over-year growth in the gross labour cost was seen in public administration (6.7%) and in retail trade (4.9%).

In 2016, salary cost remained stable compared to 2015. By sectors it increased 2.3% in construction and decreased 0.5% in industry, while no variation was registered in services.

By components, 74.9% of the gross annual labour cost per worker corresponded to the cost of salaries (24,211.2 euros), 23.1% corresponded to compulsory Social Security contributions (7,461.5 euros) and 2.0% corresponded to other cost components (655.5 euros).

By unit size, the year-over-year variation of the gross labour cost was negative in all categories: −1.1% in units with 1–49 workers, −0.6% in those with 50–199 workers and −0.3% in those with 200 or more workers.

The Annual Labour Cost Survey is an annual statistical operation that completes the results obtained by the Quarterly labour cost survey and offers and annual perspective of these costs. Its main objective is provide annual figures for the average cost per worker of the labour factor and its main components: salary expectations, obligatory social security contributions, voluntary contributions, direct social contributions, compensation, professional training costs, transport costs, social costs and other costs derived from the generation of employment.


Labour cost statistics. Annual labour cost survey

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