Names of Newborn Children. 2016

Marc and Martina were once again the most common names for newborn children in 2016.

Among boys, the name Marc (832) was the most common, followed, in decreasing order of frequency, by Àlex/Álex (656), Jan (562), Martí (557) and Hugo (553). The most common name for girls was Martina (702), followed by the names Júlia/Julia (649), Laia (582), Lucía (573) and Maria/María (566).

Marc was also the most common boys' name in the majority of the territorial areas , except in Les Terres de l'Ebre, where it was Pau, and in the Central Counties and L'Alt Pirineu and Aran, where it was Martí. With regard to girls' names, Martina was the most common in the Metropolitan Area, the Girona Counties and Les Terres de l'Ebre; Júlia/Julia was the most common among girls born in Ponent and L'Alt Pirineu-Aran; Ona was the most common in the Central Counties; Sofia/Sofía in El Camp de Tarragona, and Noa and Paula were the most common in El Penedès.

Idescat presents information related to the names of newborn children of mothers residing in Catalonia, with data on the frequency and distribution of the names during a specific year.

The information on the names of newborn children comes from the statistic form which the parents have to fill in when they register the birth of their son or daughter in the Civil Registry.

Detailed data

Names of Newborn Children

Basic data

Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia

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