Large Stores Sales index. 01/2018

The Large Stores Sales Index at current prices in Catalonia decreased by 4.6% on year-over-year data for January 2018. With regard to product groups, this descent is due to the decrease in sales of food products (−5.4%) as well as the rest of products (−4.2%) .

The large stores sales index provides monthly information on the evolution in the volume of sales in retail commercial establishments defined as large non-specialised stores (2,500 m2 of sales area). Idescat presents the results that were obtained by means of exhaustive information on all the non-specialised large stores operating in Catalonia. With regard to the data for Spain, the INE computes a large store sales index that includes both non-specialised and specialised stores.

With the publication of the data for January 2018 on basis 2015, Idescat complies with Council Regulation (EC) 1165/98 on short-term statistics, which establishes a change of basis every five years in order to improve the representativeness of the indicator. Linked sets of the new basis 2015 are being published from January 1995 on for the current prices indexes and from January 2005 on for the constant prices indexes.

Basic data

Short-term economic indicators

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