Active Population Survey. Training and Labour Conditions. 2017

28.6% of the employed population of Catalonia stated that they had worked at least one Saturday each month in 2017, according to the Active Population Survey. The employed population who were recorded to have worked at least one Sunday was 16.1%.

With regard to the type of schedule, 57.6% of male employees have continuous working day, while in the case of female employees there were 66.2%.

With regard to shift work, 13.5% of male employees worked shifts, while in the case of female employees there were 11.1%.

13.5% of the employed population worked more than half of the days until late in the afternoon (1.8 points more than in 2016). By sex, 15.4% of the men and 11.5% of the women were in this situation.

In 2017, 7.6% of employed men were executives of small, medium or large enterprises, against 4.2% of employed women. Furthermore, 78.1% of employed women have bosses and no subordinates, whilst this is the case for 67.1% of men.

The main aim of the Active Population Survey is to see the relationship between the population and economic activity. This is a sample survey, carried out quarterly by the INE. Idescat draws up an extension of these results based on the population in Catalonia.

In 2005 a sub-sample was designed in order to obtain annual information on some stable variables in time in which only one-sixth of the sample group for each quarter were surveyed. The data disseminated is the result of using some of these variables to the full. These include the study sector, shift work, working on Saturdays or Sundays, the number of workers of the establishment and the type of employment.

Active population survey. Especific annual results (subsample). Catalonia

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