Annual Wage Structure Survey. 2016

The gross annual salary per worker in Catalonia was 24,454.64 euros in 2016, 0.5% more than the previous year, according to the Annual Wage Structure Survey. The gross annual salary of women grew 0.8% and reached 21,110.34 euros, while for men it grew 0.2% and reached 27,572.76 euros. Earnings per hour stood at 15.71 euros, 0.4% minus than in 2015. By sex, the gain per hour for men was 16.97 euros, while for women it stood at 14.23 euros.

By large sectors, industry had the highest gross annual salary (29,563.19 euros), followed by construction (24,201.13 euros) and services (23,306.65 euros).

By type of contract, the gross annual salary of employees with indefinite contracts and remained stable with respect to 2015 and stood at 25,706.60; while the gross annual salary of those with temporary contracts increased by 4.6% and stood at 17,154.93 euros. The earnings per hour were 16.18 euros in the case of employees with permanent contracts and 12.51 euros in the case of those with temporary contracts.

The Annual Wage Structure Survey (EAES) is a statistic collected by INE annually and is the conciliation of multiple statistical and administrative sources. Its purpose is to obtain estimations on annual salaries for the years not covered by the Wage Structure Survey, which is four-yearly. The main purpose of the Annual Wage Structure Survey is to identify the average annual gross income per worker classified according to the principal sociodemographic variables and other variables related to the characteristics of the occupation. The Annual Wage Structure Survey also provides information on the average normal hourly earnings, according to the different characteristics of the occupation.

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