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Statistics on Hotel Activity. 12/2018 and 2018. Provisional data

Overnight stays in hotel establishments in Catalonia increased by 13.6% the month of December 2018 in year-over-year terms, according to the Hotel Occupancy Survey. The domestic tourism overnight stays increased by 0.9%: Catalan travellers increased by 4.7% while travellers from the rest of the State decreased by 3.6%. Foreign tourism overnight stays increased by 22.6% in year-over-year terms.

By country of origin, tourists from France and Italy were those with more overnight stays in absolute terms (196.4 and 147.5 thousands respectively).

For tourism brands, overnight stays in Barcelona (20.7%) and Terres de LLeida (20.2%) were the locations that presented the highest increase, while Paisatges Barcelona presented de highest decrease (−18.2%).

On the other hand, the number of travellers registered in hotel establishments increased by 10.2% year-over-year with increases in both domestic tourism (1.7%) and foreign tourism (18.2%).

In 2018, overnight stays in hotel establishments decreased by 0.7% in Catalonia according to provisional data from the Hotel Occupancy Survey. Overnight stays by domestic tourists decreased by 4.3% in comparison with the previous year (−2.0% for Catalans and −7.0% from other parts of Spain) while foreign tourism increased by 0.8%. As Tourism Brands, Terres de Lleida and Val d'Aran saw the highest increases (13.1% and 8.3%, respectively). In 2018 the room occupancy rate in Catalonia was 68.1%. The number of travellers increased by 1.6% in comparison with 2017.

The Hotel Occupancy Survey is one of the main sources of statistics for gauging tourist activity. Carried out each month by INE, it provides information on travellers, overnight stays and the occupancy rate in hotel establishments. Idescat analyses these variables according to the provenance of the travellers by place of origin and by destination zones and by category of the establishment.