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Life Expectancy Indicators and Standardised Death Rate. Life table 2013-2017

Idescat is publishing the life table of the population of Catalonia corresponding to the 2013-2017 period. Life expectancy at birth stood at 83.23 years in the above period, 80.37 years for men and 85.97 years for women, a difference of 5.6 years to the benefit of women.

Over the last decade, the life expectancy at birth for the population as a whole has increased by 2.5 years, with a more significant increase among men (2.9 years) than among women (1.9 years).

The life expectancy at birth values were very similar in the four provinces: Barcelona (83.43 years), Girona (83.09 years), Lleida (83.07 years) and Tarragona (82.88 years)

Life expectancy at 65 years totalled 21.27 years, 19.12 years for men and 23.15 years for women, with a difference of 4 years between the sexes. Over the last decade, life expectancy at 65 years has increased by 1.7 years among the population as a whole.

Idescat is publishing the complete life table of the population of Catalonia (which indicates the life expectancy for each age) and the abridged life table for Catalonia and the provinces (with results by five-yearly ages). The series begins in the 1981-1985 period. Idescat’s complete and abridged life tables, calculated on the basis of averages of five years, complement the abridged life tables calculated by the Ministry of Health on an annual basis.