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Annual Wage Structure Statistics. 2018. Provisional data

The gross annual salary per worker in Catalonia was 25,552.84 euros in 2018, 1.5% more than the previous year, according to provisional data. The gross annual salary of women grew 2.2% and reached 22,289.90 euros, while for men it grew 1.1% and reached 28,640.23 euros.

By large sectors, industry had the highest gross annual salary (30,552.41 euros), followed by construction (26,158.12 euros) and services (24,425.21 euros).

Idescat publishes the provisional results of the Annual Wage Structure Statistics. These results come from the Wage Structure Survey, which is a four-year sampling operation. Idescat carries out a detailed exploitation of the Wage Structure Survey, which will be disseminated when the definitive results are available.