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The Statistical Institute of Catalonia produces and distributes thousands of statistical data every year. Idescat strives to ensure that the information is quality, thorough and reliable. Nevertheless, as in all human activities, errors and unexpected modifications do occur and, when this happens, the institution is committed to rectifying these and reporting them to the users as quickly as possible.

The rectification register is a service which seeks to facilitate global and rapid queries regarding unforeseen modifications of the statistical results published on the Idescat website.

For purposes of this record, corrections are understood to mean:

  • Errors that have been detected, either by the institution or by third parties but published on its website, regardless of whether these occurred through negligence, oversight or other causes.
  • Unexpected changes to the data and that were therefore not announced previously, due to the existence of new information that improves on the original estimations. This type of correction is marked with an asterisk *.

This does not include, therefore:

  • Modifications to the data that are the result of periodical and announced revisions, as occurs with many statistics.
  • Extensions in the information due to an increase in the available variables.

This record was set up on October 20, 2010 and documents corrections made since January 2010. Each correction consists of one basic item of information: the information affected, its thematic area, the publication date of the erroneous data and the date it was rectified. It is also possible to view a detailed description of the error and links to the tables affected.

Idescat strives to minimise errors and unexpected modifications to the data published on its website. But it is also committed to its users, and so if they occur, it rectifies them and reports on them publicly in order for statistics on Catalonia to be of guaranteed quality and confidence.