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1. Content

The calendar shows the publication dates of Idescat's statistical production, both from its own and external sources.

The activities can be ordered according to two criteria:

  • By date: activities are presented in order of the day they are scheduled to be published (by month for those whose date has yet to be determined). Also, clicking on the activity code displays the complete calendar for that specific activity.
  • By statistic: activities are presented in alphabetical order of activity codes.

In some cases, statistical results are divided into three states:

  • Advance: when the results are a partial exploitation of the statistical activity.
  • Provisional: when the results are the first exploitation of the statistical results and when there will be a second exploitation, which could cause the changes to the results.
  • Definitive: when the results are no longer provisional because a second exploitation of the operation has been completed.

In the case of already published activities, clicking on the reference period displays the corresponding News page.

The calendar can be exported in iCalendar format.

2. Dates

The calendar includes short-term information on the day scheduled for its publication and the structural information in the "day to be determined" section for the corresponding month. The last working day of every month, the following month's dissemination date of the structural statistics will be announced.

3. Reference periods

The activities indicate the reference period for the statistical results to be published. In the case of results for periods of less than one year, if the time period is monthly it is shown in digits, and if it is quarterly, it is shown in Roman numerals.

4. Updates

The calendar for the following year is published in the second fortnight of the month of December.

The section "Statistics planned for this year to be carried forward to next year" reports the changes in the forecast for the dissemination of statistics.

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