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Fleet of motor vehicles. By type. Provinces

Fleet of motor vehicles. By type. Provinces 2022
Barcelona Girona Lleida Tarragona Catalonia Spain % Cat./Spa.
Private cars 2,417,620 428,134 235,955 431,536 3,513,245 25,222,554 13.9
Buses 6,460 1,106 522 1,249 9,337 65,377 14.3
Motorcycles 696,678 106,300 35,757 84,469 923,204 4,006,804 23.0
Lorries and vans 446,679 112,163 65,457 99,384 723,683 5,075,068 14.3
Industrial tractors 17,889 3,860 6,068 3,812 31,629 245,075 12.9
Mopeds 159,239 40,192 16,799 35,314 251,544 1,842,501 13.7
Others 109,902 22,933 20,594 20,881 174,310 1,053,565 16.5
Total 3,854,467 714,688 381,152 676,645 5,626,952 37,510,944 15.0
Source: Directorate General of Traffic.
Note: Others: Includes trailers and semi-trailers.

Last update: September 28, 2023.


These statistics have a specific section with all the information available: Motor Vehicle Fleet  (PARCC).

Methodological note

Definition of concepts

Vehicles whose purpose is transport of travellers with a capacity for more than nine persons, including the driver. Trolleybuses (vehicles connected to an electrical line that do not move around on rails) are excluded from this category.
Lorries and vans
Vehicles whose purpose is transport of goods (motorcycles with three wheels, weighing no less than 400 kg are excluded).
Two-wheeled vehicles, with or without a sidecar the passenger compartment laterally attached to the motorcycle. Cars for disabled people are also included in this category.
Fleet of motor vehicles
Set of motor vehicles in circulation (except mopeds and special vehicles). It is made up of the registrations for each year, minus any vehicles retired and reported. This group includes: buses, trucks and vans, motorcycles, industrial tractors and estate cars.
Industrial tractors
Vehicles capable of dragging a semi-trailer, without taking farming tractors into account.
Private cars
Four-wheeled vehicle whose purpose is transportation of travellers, with a maximum capacity of nine people, including the driver.

Methodological aspects

On December, 31.

From 2010 on, mopeds are included.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".