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Non contributory Social Security pensions. Pensions and average pension. By type. Counties and Aran, areas and provinces

Non contributory Social Security pensions. Pensions and average pension. By type. Counties and Aran, areas and provinces Catalonia
Invalidity Retirement
Pensions (number) Average pension (euros) Pensions (number) Average pension (euros)
2022 25,549 434 36,361 395
2021 26,104 421 34,159 382
2020 26,116 408 34,464 368
2019 26,353 404 33,950 364
2018 26,358 392 33,114 351
2017 26,312 380 32,208 341
2016 26,407 378 31,784 337
2016-2020: Idescat. Pensions and other Income Maintenance Benefits.
2021-2022: Idescat. Statistics on non-contributory pensions.
Note: A 31 de desembre.

Methodological note

Definition of concepts

Permanent incapacity pension or invalidity
Benefit recognised for a worker who, after having received the prescribed treatment and having been given medical clearance, is seriously impaired anatomically or functionally in a foreseeably definitive manner, which reduces or annuls his/her capacity to work.
Retirement pension
Economic benefit that consists of a lifelong, single and indefeasible benefit granted to a worker when he/she retires due to age.
Non contributory Social Security Pension
Financial aid incorporated in the Social Security system to benefit people that, in a state of protectable need, do not have enough financial resources of their own to subsist, even if they have never contributed or not for the time needed to reach contributory benefit level.

Methodological aspects

Non-contributory Social Security pensions were created in late 1990 (Act 26/1990, from 20 December) and replaced the two types of benefits that had covered comparable needs until that point. These were the welfare pensions for old age and illness, and the guaranteed minimum income benefit for people with disabilities.

There are two types of non-contributory pensions, one for retirement and one for disability. The retirement pension is available for those aged 65 or over, whilst the disability pension is available for those aged 18 or over a with a degree of disability of at least 65%. In any case, in order to receive them, income must be less than the basic pension amount the applicant profile would be entitled to. The amount received is fixed so that the total income of the recipient shall not exceed the basic pension amount.

A partir de l'any 2014, les pensions d'invalidesa de les persones de més de 64 anys s'inclouen dins les pensions de jubilació.

This is the only financial Social Security benefit that has been devolved and is managed and awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya, although it is paid by the General Treasury of Social Security. Data is from 31 December.

Current Territorial Distribution

At present, Catalonia is divided into 41 counties, 1 singular territorial entity (Aran) and 8 areas of the Territorial Plan, according to the latest territorial changes, which affect the areas of El Penedès and the Central Counties, Aran and El Moianès.

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