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Sports facilities

Sports facilities census. By type Catalonia. 2021
Value Variation (%)
Total 51,347 3.6
Fields 2,719 -1.7
Pools 11,450 0.2
Outdoor tracks and sports halls 9,378 0.5
Specialised courts 5,642 12.1
Other sports facilities 15,382 7.8
Areas of sporting activity 6,776 0.1
Source: Consell Català de l'Esport.

Last update: January 20, 2022.

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Methodological note

The Catalan Sports Council has managed the Census of Sports Facilities in Catalonia (CEEC). This census provides updated information on sports facility data on December 31.

Since 2017, the CEEC (Sports Facilities Census in Catalonia) has included private residential and tourist installations (neighbourhood communities, hotels, campsites, rural houses, etc.). In parallel to the increase in the number of outdoor pools, many tennis courts and, to a lesser extent, sports courts were added to the CEEC in 2017. The above are the three chief kinds of sports facilities located within residential and tourist installations.

In 2019 the Catalan Sports Council changed the classification of facilities as a result of the updating of the methodological base of the CEEC (Census of Catalan Sports Facilities):

  • Fields : multi-purpose pitches and athletics facilities.
  • Pools: outdoor and indoor pools.
  • Outdoor tracks and sports halls:: outdoor tracks and sports halls.
  • Specialised courts : tennis and paddle courts.
  • Other sports facilities: halls, squash, fronton and pétanque courts, other conventional facilities not included in the previous categories, horse riding, golf, racetracks and motor racing facilities, climbing walls and other unique spaces not included in the previous categories.
  • Areas of sporting activity : areas of activity in urban and natural environments, walking and running itineraries and itineraries and lanes for bicycles.