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Firefighters. Members and services

Firefighters. Members and services Catalonia. 2019
Value Variation (%)
Generalitat firefighters 4,392 -3.6
civil servants 2,260 -2.4
volunteers 2,132 -4.8
Services 73,677 4.1
Barcelona City Council firefighters 623 2.6
Services 20,971 4.6
Total of firefighters members 5,015 -2.8
Source: Ministry of Home Affairs; Barcelona City Council.

Last update: June 18, 2020.

Methodological note

The firefighter statistics and types of services that they perform come from two different sources. On one hand, the statistics come from the firefighting activity complied by the Government of Catalonia, which are published in detail in its annual report in a summary within the Ministry of Home Affairs' Annual Report. On the other hand, the data of the services of the corps of firefighters of the Barcelona City Council is compiled in the Statistical Yearbook of the City of Barcelona.

The data is presented on an annual basis.